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. it is our goal along with your hope to keep san francisco clean and beautiful this wonderful city that we love for generations to come. we're going to keep you very attend let's get this program started with a beach blanket babylon with an original song and let's welcome renÉe wilson. ♪ ♪ to keep you clean is why we gather here. it's time for us to care. that's why i'll help our mayor to polish every street with one big giant sweep. oh, whistle why while you work. and carefully together we'll show our pride. just like the giants we will triumph but there's work to do. no litering so make sure you pick up your trash. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ so whistle while you work. we must work hard to reach our goal keep san francisco beautiful. just work don't be a quiter. keep our city all a glitter. san francisco. open your golden gate you've let no stranger wait outside your door. san francisco here is you're wondering one saying i'll litter no more. others loose only make me love you best. so listen everybody i have one request. clean up the mess. san francisco. welcome me home again. i'm coming home
and unless somebody else identifies themselves okay good afternoon sir. >> hi i have lived in san francisco since 1980 and have been driving a tax i since 1984 i think that all of these people who are here have only one question. what is the beef? okay? after many years of driving a taxi cab in san francisco, i feel that i make less than minimum wage in san francisco. minimum wage in san francisco since 2000 has been 10 dollars per hour many taxi drivers are making less than 10 dollars an hour per hour when i started driving a taxi 1984 the number of taxi cabs in san francisco were only 650 right now the number is 1700 cabs. at the same time every single day there are twaen between 7 hundred and 9 hundred limos are operating illegally in san francisco and at the same time the population of san francisco since 1980 which was 735 thousand right now it has reached to 8 hundred thousand people okay? 650 taxi cabs in 1984 and in 2013735 taxi cabs. at the same time many buses are chartering from one place to another so the taxi driver at the most gets 2 to 3 rides every shift and we're not
of supervisors and the rainy day funds if i can put in, and the voters of san francisco for feuding the school so we can keep our classes at 35, 36, which is good. ~ funding you go to college and you take calculus and you could have 500 in your class and meet three days a week and have study groups. some of you have experienced. it's very easy to drop out of calculus and not continue. so, i think this is a thing, if you can just get the students through their tough times in high school that college is a lot easier for them and success. and this is really what i profess doing nowadays. so, anyway, i'm very happy to have taught -- excuse me, president kelly's daughter also who pursued four years of math at washington with ease. just to encourage the young women to continue and not give up and that so often it was years ago when i was in school, it was [speaker not understood] a young woman got through geometry. that's just fine. you got a pat on the head. if you got a c in it, you're fine, you've made it through the world. that's not the case any more. and it even wasn't the case then because every
health care in san francisco. it's directed towards full seniors and disabled adults. we have four centers in san francisco. we've been around for 30 years. we enable seniors to live independently in community when they get to a point where they have difficulty managing on their own. so, by coming to adult day health care every day, they are able to have their health care managed, get social connection with other people, and maintain independence, preventing going into skilled nursing homes too soon. >> it says -- it mentions serving low-income seniors -- [multiple voices] >>> primarily because we're really focused on a medi-cal qualified population. but truthfully, we serve anyone who could also pay the private pay rate. but primarily we're looking at low-income seniors. >> thank you. are you done with your questioning? thank you, ladies, appreciate it. i just wanted to make a few comments. just, of course, as we know, this is a really difficult decision. i definitely stand by my first decision of supporting mark burns. i know that -- and i was aware of the lack of women on this p
into the future, taking this, working with some other departments like san francisco arts, we're creating access for people, creating efficiency with the government being able to manage transactions, creating a platform for people to actually interact with the city on a level that hasn't been done before. so, ideally, using the san francisco rec and park, the future san francisco arts app, using our mobile commerce to manage that is creating jobs, revenue, and efficiency for the public and tourists to be able to navigate san francisco in a way that hasn't been done before. thank you. >> all right. (applause) >> so, we're going to show another application from motion launch, the founder and ceo, john, will be sharing some of the work that they're doing. they're based here out of san francisco and they've got a great announcement to make. >> i am jon mills. i'm ceo of motion loft. we started about three years ago developing sensors that we could place around cities that would give us some analytics on how people move around cities and how vehicles drive around cities. so, currently we have 16 neig
regionally with our data and we can join and continue to be in the great city of san francisco. so, i want to thank all of the people, all of the different starting up companies here and those that are inventing with us, thank them for celebrating innovation month in such a exemplary way. and i think we're going to have a lot more to announce before this month is out, including on our way to the world series. thank you very much. (applause) >> now, if i may introduce our partner in crime here, board president david chiu who is also going to be complimenting us with all of his efforts at the board. come on up, david. (applause) >> good morning. i am incredibly excited to be here today for a couple of reasons. first of all, the hatchery is one of my favorite places in the city. there is truly a bee hive of activity of the newest innovations that san francisco will be famous for. i also love the fact that just a couple of blocks from here is where our san francisco giants are moving on to the world series. but just in this room, all of you are giants and making sure that san francisco is the
. >> this morning a victim who was pulled unconscious from a house fire last night in san francisco is in the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the fire broke out in the diamond heights neighborhood shortly after 9 last night. a charred mattress was left in the street. flames were put out quickly and the fire investigators are trying to determine the cause of the fire. >> for the second time this month santa clara county paid cash for weapons. a gun buy-back was held yesterday morning at an airport in san jose. people lined up early and turned in guns they no longer wanted and got cash. >> never use it. but i didn't want to take that chance getting angry and using it. so it's a good time to turn it in and make a profit. >> whereas last year we finally reached the level of twelve guns, this year we've now gone over 500 guns. just in this event alone. >> $100 was given for handguns and rifles. $200 for assault-type weapons. more than 1100 weapons were turned in at the buy back three weeks ago. >>> also new this morning a san bruno community will unavailable a mural, memorial
awards here at san francisco city hall. thank you all so much for joining us here tonight. it is an honor to be here. my name is daniel homsby and i am the program manager for the neighborhood department networks. an honor to see you here. many of the same faces for the fifth year for the men awards. let's give you an a plays for coming back. (applause) >> and celebrating one of the most important things we have in san francisco, which is our neighborhoods. without further ado, i'd like to start the program off by introducing my colleague, christina palone, the new director for the mayor's office for neighborhoods. christina palone. (applause) >> good evening, everyone. i'm happy to be a part of such a great ebit that celebrates the contributions made by residents and organizations throughout the city to make san francisco one of the greatest places to live. the mayor's office of neighborhood services also known as mons focuses on neighborhood outreach and engagement. it is an honor to be here with community leaders who are dedicated to the same principles and are positive
health care cannot be protected in san francisco, where could it be protected? we have always led the way in protecting civil rights, and this is an opportunity to continue to do so. thank you. the rest i mitt. -- submit. >> thank you, supervisor campos. supervisor kim. >> thank you. today i'm introducing a resolution to rename an alley way here in district 6 just a block away from city hall, the [speaker not understood] alley. and i am introducing this resolution with supervisor campos, wiener, and avalos. many of you may have been following in the press some of the recent comments that our former [speaker not understood] leader has made regarding lgbt members of his parliament. due to some of his strong comments and his unwillingness to apologize for it, we have been [speaker not understood] request in our office to consider the renaming of this alley way. it is just a one-block alley way in between van ness and polk street. and after looking at it and determining some of the cost and the scope of the work, we decided that it was worthwhile to move forward with this idea. as we consider
. >> so, earlier you were talking a little about kind of how san francisco came in in terms of actually ading the officer. more broadly how do you think san francisco compares and what are some of the other cities that are doing really well in terms of open data? >> i should be clear. when san francisco is third, we have a pact. i'll add to that actually. what's great in san francisco is there is not just going to be a chief data officer. there is also the office of civic innovation. jay's team, shannon's team. by having both of those units in place i think there is going to be a really powerful team. because you can't just open up the data. you have to do things like this, where you get the community together or you have people actually talking about it because the demand side, as we were talking about it, will be there because there is going to be someone there. there have to be people working with it who are getting out there. i think this is what this city is going to be really powerful. in terms of other cities doing as well, chicago is doing some really interesting stuff. scary co
. >> gis is used in the city of san francisco to better support what departments do. >> you imagine all the various elements of a city including parcels and the critical infrastructure where the storm drains are. the city access like the traffic lights and fire hydrants. anything you is represent in a geo graphic space with be stored for retrieval and analysis. >> the department of public works they maintain what goes on in the right-of-way, looking to dig up the streets to put in a pipe. with the permit. with mapping you click on the map, click on the street and up will come up the nchgz that will help them make a decision. currently available is sf parcel the assessor's application. you can go to the assessor's website and bring up a map of san francisco you can search by address and get information about any place in san francisco. you can search by address and find incidents of crime in san francisco in the last 90 days. we have [inaudible] which allows you to click on a map and get nchldz like your supervisor or who your supervisor is. the nearest public facility. and through the
college student, i want to make people love to live in san francisco. i would like to thank someone who has been a huge part of my life. carmen chu. to me carmen has really set a great example of what a supervisor should be. someone who should maintain integrity and someone who represents issues in a great manner and even if someone you are in disagreement with, treats you with respect. as john said, follows hilary clinton, i have big heels to fill. thank you for your work in san francisco. the city has a great person to run this city. finally i have to thank kathy. cameie brought in an incredible amount of enthusiasm and hard work to the office. most of all tammy cares about the district and never stops thinking about how to make it a place to want to live there. thank you. with that, i'm excited to work with the members of the board, the mayor and the rest of our residents and family to make this a great city. [ applause ] . >> we have two moments for any questions from people, otherwise we can go and get the work of the city done. thank you. [ applause ] . >> good afternoon, welc
of the day let's keep san francisco beautiful and clean. and let's do this ever day and let's get this win >> come on we can do better than the that. the second-graders from the day school have been working on this chant. are you ready to do this. i going to say this with me. join the team, keep s f clean. i say it join the team, keep s f clean. join the team, keep s f clean. give it up for all the kids. good job. thank you everybody. let's go giants. let's go mustangs have a great game. good afternoon. thank you >> welcome to our regular rules committee meeting for thursday, march 21st, 2013. i am supervisor norman yee and i will be chairing this meeting. to my left is supervisor malia cohen and to my right is supervisor london breed. the clerk today is linda wong. and the committee would also like to acknowledge the staff of sfgtv, nona and craig burk will be doing the recording of each of these -- of this meeting and make the transcript available to the public online. madam clerk, are there any announcements? >> yes, mr. chair. please make sure to turn off all cell phones and electron
together to do to bring these job opportunities to san francisco. i'm hearing loud and clear we want some measurable [speaker not understood] of that. i push back on the implication we are not trying to bring forward this part of the project in a successful way. >> i think you're looking forward to put on the event in a successful way whether you want to actually have a measurable outcome of jobs and unusual exclusion, that is not a strong priority. in the future i this will be. thank you. let's go on to our fund-raising effort. if we can call up -- actually, we'd like to see if we can open up for public comment just on the workforce side. we have a lot of people that have been waiting here patiently to talk about that. so, if we could actually -- if it's okay with the chair to open up public comment on the workforce small business conclusion and prevailing wage side. i have a number of cards. perhaps that's checked off item number 4. marcus clark, marilyn cain, chris marino, douglas home, [speaker not understood] and we'll stop right there. and anyone else who wants to talk about this si
, and he runs about four or five tree crews. so, he has probably more intimate knowledge of san francisco urban forest than many folks. i strongly recommend his candidacy for the urban forest council. he's been highly recommended by many people. >> okay, thank you. i noticed that he's not a resident of san francisco. >> i just called him at that. he lives at 1200 17th avenue number 304 in the inner sunset. >> okay, thank you for clarifying that. i'll take these speakers unless you have questions for that particular -- go ahead. supervisor breed. >> i need verification of the residency requirement since it's listed here that a waiver is required. and i'm not sure how the information was obtained for his current -- how the information was obtained to list on the agenda that a residency waiver is required. so, i just need some sort of verification. and, actually, i need that from either the city staff or city attorney or someone internal, please. thank you. >> i guess we can move on to -- dan flanagan, would you like to talk about yourself now? >>> sure. dan flanagan. i am chairman -- i am t
such as san francisco administrative code section 6.22 g do not apply to the event and activities associated with it. ~ but because the city has agreed to reimburse the event authority for all amounts expended on construction contracts, the parties have agreed to apply the provisions of section 6.22 g. there is no reimbursement. the event authority is not being reimbursed one cent for any construction contracts being undertaken. so, all i can say to this committee is the foundation stone upon which the workforce plan was prepared and upon which the event authority agreed to pay prevailing wage and all the other things have been removed. and yet we have still voluntarily agreed to do it. and, so, in the backdrop of that, i really do question the tone here. the tone of innuendo that would try to tell somebody they were not trying to do the right thing. >> so, did you not agree to prevailing wage? >> we agreed to prevailing wage on the basis that we would be reimbursed for construction work. beyond construction work we were being reimbursed for. so, the memorandum of understanding that has sub
are the drivers in that area. >> we have eight dispatch services in san francisco, dispatching taxis from 30+ taxi companies that we have; all the data that could be available from those taxis instead of coming to one point comes to eight different points. we are pulling all that information through this process into one civil point so that we are not developing an app, we are creating a pool of data; someone using that service would've access to all taxicabs in san francisco, using all dispatch services however they set them up, not pulling any information about the dispatch service or any proprietary thing that they are doing, getting location and other data about the taxicab so if i am at the corner of -- and mcallister the service can identify the taxicabs in the vicinity; we are pulling them into one place. >> let me think about that one. >> i'm sure that we have public comment that should be get a board temperature check on the amendment? you cannot take public action until you take public comment. >> public comment not only on the item? >> as proposed. >> (calling speakers) >> hello. as
foundation >>> next on "abc 7 news" at 9:00. city of san francisco quick response to an overnight club shooting. also the dramatic 911 call after a mother says two teens shot her toddler. a man falsely convict of a crime [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious. >>> inside the 330 rich nightclub the shooting started early this morning and up to the street to the brannon street parking lot. first shot was fired at 1:15. for her safety she did not want to go on camera. >> they were fighting and shooting and running. we sat down by somebody's humer. >> the shooting went on for a while. >> for about 15 minutes. 15 minutes long, nonstop. consistently shooting. >> first tire was flattened by a bullet. san francisco police say three people were wounded. one seriously. he was taken to san francisco
the san francisco arts commission. >> her statement frightens me. i'm an arts person. this is san francisco, we're in a unique situation in that we really do -- our whole city lich on creativity. and we like to encourage it and also manage it at the same time. the street smarts program that i manage which is funded by dpw is a public/private partnership. all public mural art or any sort of public art has to be funneled through our commission and we have to give permission to do that. but when you're dealing with a private property owner it's slightly different because they basically have -- they have ownership of their property and ownership of what goes on that property. but at the same time, if they do put something up like a sunflower or what have you and the neighborhood is against it, how do you manage that? because technically it's their right to put that up. so, in our program, because we did have an incident where there was a complaint from a neighbor, we have encouraged the property boehner to take the rendering from the artist and share it with their neighborhood associa
in the world. ... >> san francisco is home to some of the most innovative companies of the 21st century. this pioneering and forward looking spirit is alive in san francisco government as well. the new headquarters of the san francisco public utilities commission at a5 25 golden gate avenue is more than just a 13-story building and office ablation. instead, city leaders, departments and project managers join forces with local architectural firms ked to build one of the greatest office buildings in america. that's more than a building. that's a living system. ♪ ♪ when san francisco first bought this land in 1999, it was home to a state office building. >> this was an old eight-story brown building the state owned and the workers' comp people were in that building. it was an old dee correctvth it building for decades. when i was a member of the board of supervisors, all of us wondered why we hadn't done anything there and the mayor thought the same. >> if an earthquake happened, the building was uninhabitable. it sat there vacant for quite a while. the city decided to buy the building
francisco crew. how important was your task force, elevate the issue of graffiti abatement in san francisco? >> i think one of the main reasons why it was elevated is -- and it's been continued to be elevated. the current mayor was actually the director of public works and he saw that graffiti was a serious problem. and, so, it's become more and more prevalent and the board of supervisors has also taken it on. i think they also recognize that the graffiti brings blight to the neighborhood. and, so, it hasn't been hard to get the support. and just like we're all here, as you saw yesterday, the city leaders are all on board with this. so, that helps a lot. if you can get your city leaders to buy in that it's an actual problem, your chances of having either a good programs or increase in funding or the other things that you need, you stand a lot better chance. >> all right, thank you. jen, do you want to go ahead? >> sure. this is an interesting question and i don't i understand it. so, i'm really hoping that the person that wrote it is in the audience and can elaborate. is the person from mod
francisco. thank you everybody. >> good morning, everyone, and welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors budget and finance subcommittee meeting for wednesday, march 13th, 2013. my name is supervisor mark farrell. i will be chairing this committee. i am joined by supervisor eric mar and supervisor john avalos. i would like to thank the members of sfgtv who are covering this meeting, jennifer low and jessie larson and the clerk of this committee, victor young. mr. clerk, do we have any announcements? >> yes. please silence all cell phones and electronic devices. completed speaker cards and copies of any documents to be included as part of the file should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the march 19, 2013 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you. mr. clerk, can you please call item number 1? >> item number 1, resolution concurring with the controller's establishment of the consumer price index for 2013, and adjusting the access line tax by the same rate. >> thank you. we have monique zamuda from the controller's offic
ceremony is going to be held tonight and for municipal governments in san francisco this is the academy awards this is the highest honor that a city government or team can receive each year there's a panel of folks who a assemble and out of that they select i think 3 individuals and one team again out of the thousands of managers in this city so i'm very happy and proud to announce that one of our nominees is being honored lee -- our director of security investigations and emergency preparedness and enforcement is one of the award ees tonight it's a very high honor it's something that she's been recognized for although she's only been with us for a short time first as an sfpd employee she has revamped the way we prepare for and manage large events and a restructures of our enforcement division and in a very short period of time has made significant steps so we think you know we're biassed we think this is a very well deserved award and i'll be there at the event tonight to introduce her as she receives the award it's a big deal we're happy she joined the mta and i think this is award i
unconscious from a house fire last night in san francisco is in the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the fire broke out in the diamond heights neighborhood shortly after 9 last night. a charred mattress was left in the street. flames were put out quickly and the fire investigators are trying to determine the cause of the fire. >> a san francisco club is closed this weekend of a yesterday morning's shooting that left three people wounded. it happened at 330 rich nightclub in south beach. one man remains in critical condition. witnesses say dozens of shots were fired by one or more gunmen after an altercation. police collected more than 50 pieces of evidence from the crime scene that stretched from inside the club, up the alley, to a parking lot on brannon street. the city entertainment commission ordered the club closed for the remainder of the weekend. >>> san leandro police are investigating the city's first homicide of the year. authorities say a man was killed friday night when he tried to defend his mother-in-law. the woman was unloading her car on harbor way around 9:30 when so
quickly and the fire investigators are trying to determine the cause of the fire. >> a san francisco club is closed this weekend of a yesterday morning's shooting that left three people wounded. it happened at 330 rich nightclub in south beach. one man remains in critical condition. witnesses say dozens of shots were fired by one or more gunmen after an altercation. police collected more than 50 pieces of evidence from the crime scene that screeched from inside the club, up the alley, to a parking lot on bran nonstreet. the stay entertainment commission ordered the club closed for the remainder of the weekend. >>> san leandro police are investigating the city's first homicide of the year. authorities say a man was killed friday night when he tried to defend his mother-in-law. the wnman was unloading her car on arbor way around 9:30 when someone tried to rob her. her 33-year-old son-in-law was shot while trying to help her. police are looking for two suspects, possibly a man and woman who drove away in a dark-colored sedan. >> for the second time this month santa clara county paid cash for
been to has searched people. reporter: the san francisco entertainment commission has closed 330 rich. commissioners issued an emergency suspension of their operating permit for the near future. the commissioners tell us that they'll be reviewing the club in a hearing sometime next week to do you remember its future -- to determine its future. also -- i'm sorry. well, that's it for me. we're live in san francisco. abc7 news. >> ama: thank you so much for that update. the 14-year-old santa rosa boy killed at the marysville raceway a week ago is being remembered as the track re-opens tonight. a private funeral for marcus johnson was held today. a public memorial is tomorrow. he was killed along with man when a car driven by marcus' 17-year-old cousin flew off the track. there was a mechanical failure and track officials say the track is safe. >> viewers sent us pictures of the aftermath of a transformer blowing up. it caused bushes to catch on fire. thousands of residents were without power. no injuries were reported. pg&e has not been told why the the transformer blew. jake is a tattoo
to call the san jose police department. >>> a developing story out of san francisco. three men were shot at a nightclub at south beach early this morning. shooting happened about 1:15 at a club called 330 ritz. investigators don't know what led up to the shooting. police are reviewing surveillance tapes outside the nightclub. the victims were all men in their 20s. one is in critical condition. the other two suffered nonlife threatening injuries. >>> also in san francisco, arson investigators are calling a fire that happened about a block from the transamerica pyramid this morning suspicious. firefighters battled the flames at a restaurant on commercial street for about an hour. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >>> on tuesday, the u.s. supreme court will for the first time take up the issue of same-sex marriage. 6 of the 9 justices are catholic, though they have taken an oath to decide cases based on the constitution, the catholic church itself has taken a strong stance against day marriage. monte francis sat down within oun o one-on-one with salvador cordileone. >> reporter:
'll determine how quick it's going to be, okay. [laughter] >> just to compliment the city of san francisco. i was on -- i took the muni in yesterday. and when i was on the bus in the morning, there is a repetitive announcement that went out that said, if you see graffiti, report it. and here's the phone number. it went out, i believe in three languages. that's wonderful. i think that's more key than if you hit the raid yoxtion and all that sort of media thing and grab that piece. * radio those are the people that are out there. >> awesome. if anybody has compliment for san francisco let me know because we can put that in right now. [laughter] >> alex, you live here. hold on. let me get over to you quickly and then we'll have you -- >> the one thing that i really got from catherine's presentation that really touched me was she was telling us to go forward 2030 in term of technologies and looking back to today. but this conference with all the vendors we had here had an amazing impact on me as learning of new technologies. i really feel in the 21st century of different types of technologies. i
told me they're named for san francisco's early famous ladies. (chuckling). >> i want to point out the building here at 660 mission street, which i believe is an unreinforced masonry building retrofitted, seismically upgraded. once it is seismically upgraded, it is safe, right? >> when you seismically upgrade it, it is to a standard it doesn't collapse, but it may not be reusable or repairable. >> it was an economic decision of how much money the city could afford versus the benefits to retrofit the buildings. >> we have done about 90% of the upgrade. the standard is low enough that in a major upgrade most will have to be replaced and we lose these beautiful buildings. many of the details are not what they appear to be. these are sheet metal details and trims. sheet metal cornices. san francisco was famous for the sheet metal work. when you go into the sheet metal shop, the whole front of the building is made of sheet metal. that is pacific? no, powell. >> i trick on how you can date old brick buildings, after the '06 earthquake they made windows with steel plates. before that ea
advisory committee of the human rights -- san francisco human rights commission. and we have worked with some -- on some senior issues on that committee in the past year. i have the best job in the world and i would like to be a member of the task force because i believe the work it is doing is going to be groundbreaking. it's going to serve our community and it's going to show other communities how they can best approach the rising flood of seniors that are coming our way. and the issues that lgbt people experience in particular. thank you. >> okay, thank you. any questions? supervisor cohen. >> thanks. i'm curious to know, in your work, in your professional life, what kind of work did you do within the lgbt community as well as within the lgbt ethnic communities? >>> i've had very little experience with the ethnic communities. it's one of the challenges of my job to do outreach to every part of the lgbt community. and i've been doing this for a bit over six months and that challenge remains. >> so, how do you overcome those challenges? >>> i build alliances. i find somebody in the
against the san francisco unified school district. and the purpose of that consent decree was to really provide equal educational opportunities for all children in san francisco. and ms. sullivan has certainly helped to make that happen. she has been teaching math at burton high school for the past eight years, and she has truly been a leader throughout her tenure. she currently teaches advanced algebra honors, algebra and geometry. and i can tell you the impact that a teacher can have on the life of a student from my own personal experience is really tremendous. and i certainly remember my geometry teacher to this day, [speaker not understood]. not only her math lessons, but the life lessons she taughtv me stayed with me. ms. sullivan is widely respected for her innovative teaching style. she encourages her students to learn from one another through creative and collaborative approaches. and she truly expects the very best of every one of her students. she was recently nominated to be one of the -- to be recognized as one of the best teachers in san francisco, and the person that nomin
millions of dollars and funded local projects in san francisco and mclaren park and recently a grant for the visitation green valley development project and for buena vista park and we urged congress to provide funding so that was our main legislative initiatives. two others very quickly the national recreation park association is looking for a sponsor of a park infrastructure and finance act. the act is modeled after the transportation infrastructure finance and innovation act in place since 1998 and create a program for competitive loans and credit for the construction or cost of projects. this is a great way to leverage existing public funding or private funding to fill the gap. for example we have a funding gap for the sustainable nursery project in the botanical garden in golden gate golden gate park and this would be a mechanism to close that for that project, and finally we are advocating for the reconstruction and support of the community parks revitalization act and sponsored by kay hagan to carry out a revitalization program for the rehabilitation of critically needed pa
homicide of the year. live in san jose tonight, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> ama: a san francisco club is closed after a shooting left three people wounded. it happened after 330 rich nightclub in south beach. one man is in critical but stable condition in the hospital. witnesses say dozens of shots were fired by one or more gunmen after an altercation. >> a big fight broke out, almost like a rumble. out of nowhere there was shot fired inside the club, there wad pandemonium, people scrambling everywhere. >> employing collected more than 50 pieces of evidence from the crime scene that stretched from the club, um the aley, -- alley, to a parking lot. >>> a victim was pulled up conscious from a house fire tonight in san francisco. the fire broke out in the diamond heights neighborhood shortly after 9:00. this charred mattress is what is left. the victim is hospitalized with nonlife-threatening injuries. >> the racing is back on track in marysville where two people were killed in a freak accident at the raceway a week ago tomorrow. marcus johnson was laid to rest in a private ceremony toda
that [speaker not understood] i am definitely dedicated. i have an mba in business. i'm a native san francisco -- native san franciscan and mba in taxation. i have been self-employed here for all my life, almost 35 years here. i'm on the board of the african-american [speaker not understood] society, excuse me, ms. london very much aware of. i'm involved in my community. [speaker not understood]. i was unaware of [speaker not understood] and getting out the vote in our community. even though we are part of a nonprofit, but we can have directors of nonprofit. we can always advocate people getting out to vote. these are things we have in connection with the community at the same time making people aware of the mental health and getting them to volunteer, come out, look at it totally different. like i said, once again, i'm looking for your support and consideration, i should say, and reappointing me. >> thank you. any questions? seeing none, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next person is joy king. >> ms. king made a last-minute decision to withdraw. >> thank you very much. next person is ma
airports have privatized security. including san francisco and a study was done comparing san francisco to los angeles and san francisco even though it's a private contractor, the agents are trained like they are for regular tsa. 65% more productive than in los angeles. they have more flexibility though the pay and the benefits are the same. it works. >> rick, let me put it to you this way. is it possible that privatization could be worse than what we have now? >> probably not. to steve's point he is right. the statistics between san francisco and l.a., san francisco did great. however, so you understand the full story, there are other airports that tried where it didn't come out any worse but not so good. look, if you look into what a lot of the aviation experts have to say, basically what they tell us is it's a nicer wrapper around the same product. you still have government supervisors, identical technology, identical procedures, they don't seem to think it's going to save us that much money. so, just a question of whose pocket the paycheck is coming out of. >> it's not only saving,
the taxi companies in san francisco we can work with mta because mta controls extra things. the second thing is so many limos and the buses in the mosconi center they have no place to park the taxis nobody take care and they took the business also to the taxi and the taxi go home empty. they have families they have a children they also have a feelings. thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker? >> calling names. >> good afternoon i've been driving a taxi in san francisco since 1978 when i started driving there were 711 medalions on the street i have no idea how many now it's gotten like a war zone out there i was on third street crossing market the other day and some town car cuts me off 3 lanes just to pickup these people on the street and it wasn't even a cab it was a town car and it's gotten crazy it's really dangerous now to go out there and i could go on like this but everything the people have said today is absolutely true please pay attention to everybody thank you tlaus. applause. >> next speaker. >> calling names. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon ladies and gentleme
. we are at mount davidson and it has the highest point of elevation in san francisco hitting a whopping 928 feet. mt. davidson provides a peaceful 30-acre owe ace and great hiking trails. the spectacular views offers a perfect place to watch the sunrise or suffer sun set with someone you louvre, wear sturdy shows to conquer the stone trails and denly inventory advantage gives you hikers the sensation of being in a rain forest it's quite a hike to the top here at mount davidson but the view >> hi, i'm with building san francisco. and we have a special program of stay safe today where we're going to talk about what you can do to your home after an earthquake to make it waterproof and to be more comfortable. we're here at spur in san francisco, this wonderful exhibit of safe enough to stay. and this is an example of what your home might be like after an earthquake. and we have today with us ben latimer from tvan. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> we'll talk about things you can do you don't have to be a professional contractor to make your home more livable after an ea
to see everybody's neighbor -- all our neighbors' gardens. because of the way san francisco s you get to be veuyer because usually you have to go through their garage or their house to see the gardens. and ruth gets known through the neighborhood because she's constantly peeking over fences and leaving fliers in people's mailboxes saying, do you want to be on the garden tour, and all this sort of thing. but anyway, so, we've -- just to show you how much the neighborhood has gotten to know each other, all the people in the portola, wave your hand. [cheering and applauding] >> and this is only a small representation. and six years ago i would say maybe a dozen of us knew each other, and now we know hundreds of people in our neighborhood. and we've become so desirable from a real estate standpoint, we have multiple offers on houses and they all go for over asking. (applause) >> so, if you want to know how to do a garden tour, ruth wallace is your woman. come on up, ruth. (applause) [cheering and applauding] >> thanks. thank you. we'd like to take over the show. i just want to say it's a
input. thank you. >> thank you. >> greetings commissioners. i am a native of san francisco and proud resident of beacon street for the past 42 years, and this issue a tronnishing enough has come back to haunt us. it has actually been resolved some years ago and now since we're revisiting it i stand here opposed to the vision of mr. ginsburg which is to develop this so called trail and his vision continues to say that it would connect -- interconnection with billy goat hill in this case and walter ross park. i am opposed to the development of such a concept and the development of the so-called trail. the so-called trail is a probably no wider than this, a foot and a half to 2 feet, and in our estimation it's been created in a fashion by someone at night that arbitrarily chosen this and by the way on a very steep incline. it's a relatively short area of country hill side and it does continue from the bottom at beacon street and all the way up to the park and it's makeshift. it's primitive. i wouldn't like to leave the impression it's a modified trail because frankly we don't se
in san francisco and help kids k-12 and small donations and work with infrastructure working with the kids. did a lot of coaching and not so much baseball but soccer but we are fully vested in our kids having access to athletics. having the process open and fair to them and we run across something in youth baseball we're not happy with. a coach who have been for years coaching two teams in youth baseball has been removed from coaching with really no public input. you can what did he do? did he pick up a trash can and throw it at a umpire? no. did he push kids? no. he was talking about an after season tiewrnment and emails and the commissioners vote that's it. it's final. this gentleman cant coach. we have 60 parents fit to be tied. he coaches 30 of these kids. he came from the wrong side of the trucks. these kids respect him and he is very, very just -- i mean the kids are just crest fallen and i am asking this commission to shoin a little daylight on what is it with rec and parks youth baseball? we got an email to show you. his decision is final. there is no one
at the chamber of commerce, the coalition for san francisco neighborhoods, san francisco state university, and the university of san francisco. professionally, i work downtown at wells fargo bank. i have an mba and have completed leadership san francisco and california connections fellowship. i bring a diverse voice to the committee as a son of an immigrant, the father of two small children, and as a homeowner in district 7 paying the property taxes that fund our general obligation bonds. it is gratifying to know that i'm making a positive difference through cgobok. i am seeking a second term to continue working hard to ensure our bond programs are on time, on scope and on budget, that our audit and whistleblower programs run effectively and in the public interest, and that the committee wisely uses its funds to uphold the wishes of voters. i am very appreciative of the many recommendations i have received from across our community and ask for your support for re-appointment. thank you. >> any questions? i have one. >>> yes, sir. >> so, what -- you've served for one term. >>> yes, sir. >>
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